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Info Breaker is the right platform to advertise your product or service that will get you good results as compare to others. Make the life of your business and website longest to avail your goals and best place ever to drive good audience in easy way. For advertising your website, business, product or service, check our available advertising space below with the specifications.  

Audience Profile: In our audience mostly readers and visitors have their own blogs and websites. Allot of them can spend money online with regular bases to purchasing products, services, hosting for newly launched websites, web designing training eBooks and videos, even all kinds of customer services. Good percentage of our audience are working full time on the Internet. Little bit percentage out of them who not working online, they are thinking or trying to get started in the field of web designing or work online.

 Advertising Options: 
1. Banners: 
125×125 (Right Side Bar) 
300×250 (Right Side Bar) 
728×90 (Top and Bottom) 
468×60 (Header, Category and Post Pages) 
160×600 (Right Side Bars) 
2,400×1,400 (Full Page Background) 
Above Banner sizes are available at Info Breaker which will not rotated with other advertisers so you can get 100% of the impressions from them.  

Creative Formats 
We accept creative files in these formats: 
• GIF static image (.gif) 
• GIF animated image (.gif) 
• JPEG image (.jpg) 
• Flash movie (.swf)  

2. Review: 
If you want to get more exposure to your business, product, service or website if that is relevant and useful to our audience we may review it on Info Breaker within accurate category.  

Contact Us For Rates and Availability: If you are interested to advertise with Info Breaker, just send us an message on the contact form below or send us an email on and we will get back to you with the rates and availability. 



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